Full Potential Ministry
Pastor Keenan Meredith

Bible study starts at 9:30am
Worship starts at 11:00am
Church is open Tuesday's & Thursday's from
9:30am to 1pm for prayer or talking

Andrew Wilson
Great church, loving people, solid teaching. Highly recommend!
Pastor Keenan is my fav. I love him so much.
Amanda Chapman
My whole family loves this church. Pastor Keenan is great and very
personable and puts everything into perspective! I am glad we found this
church. And we all look forward to going.

Lynn Polly
 Never before in this county has there been a House of Worship that utilizes the variety of God-given gifts and talents which encompass all ages, colors, sizes and abilities. Our strength is based on love, trust, obedience, unity and respect. Our comradely is a Christian version reminiscent of the late 1920s cinematic group known as "Our Gang!"
Nicole Langmesser
I'll never forget the warmth and love and sense of belonging that I have felt since the 1st day I walked in! I started coming to FPM 4 years ago. The people I have met are irreplaceable- and dear to my heart! The pastor has gone above and beyond to teach us the tools that we need to survive in today's world. It all starts with God and Jesus- you will learn about God the way it was intended to be learned! thru God's word!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Maria Walkowski
I gave my heart to Jesus on 04/07/2005. I started my church search soon after. I visited several churches in the area. I didn't stay long at any of them for one reason or another. Like, when you buy a pair of shoes that you think will be just right. Until you walk in them for a little while and you realize that they are just not comfortable. I stayed at one church long enough to be baptized on 11/16/2008. This one was comfortable but too big for me. One day I got a call from an old friend who invited me to try out a newly formed church. On the first visit I knew I had finally found that perfect fit. From that day forward I have considered Full Potential Ministry my home church. From the classroom, to the gymnasium, to the church building and beyond - wherever God takes us - I am on board. I have learned and grown so much under Pastor Keenan Meredith and all the guest speakers over the years. I am so grateful that God planted the seed in Pastor's heart all those years ago. I am especially grateful that he heard the call on his life and answered it despite the fact that he was tired of "church as usual". This church is anything but. I have been able to grow in the knowledge of who Christ is and who God wants me to be. The Word became life to me once I was seated before the right teacher. I have been blessed to meet so many beautiful people that I call family. People I pray with and pray for. Best of all, my mommy has been there with me - even on days I'm not, she's there. We will continue to Ride or Die with our church family. Till Jesus calls us home.
Mark Willis
Every church day is such a great day here. The love and fellowship is awesome. God's word is in every message. Our pastor delivers the word in a special way. We laugh, cry, praise & worship. I am blessed to be a part of it all.
Katrina Harvey
Growing up I never really went to church on a regular basis. I did enjoy going to vacation bible school during the summer with friends. As I got older I did try some churches, but never really felt like I belonged there. When my dad passed away in 2011, I was like anyone that loses a special person, I was hurt and lost. My mom had gotten invited to come here. She instantly felt like she was home. Once I started coming with her, I felt more like I was home and every Sunday I feel closer and closer to God. I love this place as another home. God is amazing and we may not always understand why certain things happen; but it is not up for us to understand. Things will happen in God's time not ours. If your lost or trying to find a place where you belong, then by all means come and try this amazing place. All are welcome.