Full Potential Ministry
Pastor Keenan Meredith

Bible study starts at 9:30am
Worship starts at 11:00am
Church is open Tuesday's & Thursday's from
9:30am to 1pm for prayer or talking

The Men's Ministry
Our men's group through support and fellowship, strive to build one another up so that we may prepare our hearts to receive Gods will and his word so that we may become the men he has designed us to be in family,  church, and the community. We enjoy getting together on a Saturday for breakfast and worship.
The Women's Ministry:
Sister's of Strength
The Goals/ Mission of the women's group:

  • Develop life-long friendships that are built on trust, love, and understanding
  • Open my horizons and savor new, enriching experiences
  • Grow as a person and improve my own life
  • Provide me with more "self-help" than I ever found in any book
  • Give more back to my family and even to my community
  • Find the support and guidance I needed to believe in myself and follow my dreams
  • Network, find more opportunities and meet new people
  • Solve and effectively deal with the problems that life has thrown my way
  • Celebrate life's happy occasions

Lost and Found Ministry
For Children 8 to 13. Our goal is to teach the true word of God and to allow our children and youth, to be able to understand that there is a God,  he is real, and he loves them very much.
    Kids today are searching for the truth. This is a wonderful way to give your children a solid foundation to  stand on. They are tired of the opinions and assumptions of others. They will learn the truth. Not just from what they see around them, but from the word of God.  Your children will be blessed!
    We give solid answers by the word of God and allow each person to experience the true, loving hand of God for themselves.

We also have a nursery for toddlers to 7 years old.
Red Letter Youth Group
Red Letter Youth is a gathering for teens in grades 7 through 12. We meet every Sunday night from 6 to 8 pm.  As youth leaders, we have a variety of experience ranging from Sunday school teaching, to youth directing and even leading mission trips! We have a strong passion and desire to strengthen the hearts of our youth while helping them grow closer to God. At Red Letter, we always provide a spiritual, interactive, and relevant bible study. We also fellowship, worship, play games, and provide opportunities for young people of our church and community. Our vision as youth leaders is to provide a strong foundation that is based on the word of God. Our hope for Red Letter is to transform our youth into powerful, truthful, and loving people who live their lives like Christ.
There is love, there is truth, there is life, and there is power in the Red Letters.
Prayer Warriors
We are a band of Prayer Warriors. Our goal is to offer prayer for anyone that asks. If someone feels the need for prayer, be it for another human, themselves, an animal, a move, or for whatever reason; it is not for us to question it. We are never to ask if the person is SAVED, because sometimes that prayer request may be what it takes to save them. We all pray with sincerity, love, and concern; and we know GOD will always answer with his best decision. I am so proud of our team and the time they spend in prayer.
There is power in prayer!
Our Prayer Warriors       
Marilyn Osborn: Beth Willis: Vicki Samuelson:        Shirley Smith: Lisa Springstubbe:
Shirley Keeley-Cook: Amanda Short

Motorcycle Ministry
A small group of riders started by Jack Levene.  Our goal is to schedule a ride and fellowship once a month in honor of Jack and The Lord.