Full Potential Ministry
Pastor Keenan Meredith

Bible study starts at 9:30am
Worship starts at 11:00am
Church is open Tuesday's & Thursday's from
9:30am to 1pm for prayer or talking

Pastor Keenan Meredith
Ordained into Ministry 1988
Elder affiliation, Detroit House of Judah
Bible Studies
Studies in Theology and Counseling
Member of Kingdom Ministries International
Growing up in a single parent home in a rough neighborhood in Detroit, Pastor Keenan did not aspire to be a minister or to start a church of his own.  He followed a different path for many years and had numerous different careers along the way.  

In 1983 he visited a tent revival and during that visit, something happened and he felt the power of God that day and it inspired him to become a Christian.   He started thinking more and more in the terms of  œGod and began searching for answers.  He was given an opportunity to attend a Bible College, where he completed his studies in theology and counseling and was ordained in 1988.

Pastor Keenan will tell you that he has had many people help and guide him along the way, including a gentleman who was teaching the Bible in his basement.  He invited Keenan in to learn more about God and the Bible. Though he had training, he was greatly impacted by this man and inspired to teach others.

Pastor Keenan believes the Word needs to be understood and people need to know how you can make it work in todays  world.  During service he teaches straight out of the Bible and he encourages and challenges everyone to  read and learn what the Word is all about.

Our Church

Welcome to all, no matter race, attire or belief

We are a body of believers that believe in the Kingdom of God.  We are trying to do our part to bring the Kingdom to as many people as possible. Your religious background,, race or economic conditions do not matter to God, therefore it does not matter to us. We are a "come as you are " gathering of people enjoying Praise, Worship, the Word of God and Fellowship. I believe church should be a fun and spirit filled experience that changes lives,  I invite you to stop by on Sunday and fellowship with us.   Pastor Keenan Meredith

Worship Service

Sunday at 11:00am
Join with us as we meet together for Praise, Worship and the Word of God!  

  If you struggle to understand the Bible and you want to change that and stop asking yourself "what does it all mean"... THIS is the place you want to be!
Our Pastor has been given a very special gift from God for explaining the Bible in a way we are sure you have never heard before and in a way you can't HELP but understand.  
He's also full of surprises (never know what he's going to say)  & usually makes us all laugh when he teaches.
Great learning and lots of laughter ~ this is NOT your typical Church Service. We always say our Church is "Not for the Faint of Heart"

Join us before service
Bible study 
In the Fellowship Hall Lead by Sister Evon
* Also, please know, we want everyone to be comfortable when they come to our Church, either casual or dress attire is just fine, we have a very comfortable mix of both (and no one looks at you funny).