Full Potential Ministry
Pastor Keenan Meredith

Bible study starts at 9:30am
Worship starts at 11:00am
Church is open Tuesday's & Thursday's from
9:30am to 1pm for prayer or talking

Why the Tiger
What does a tiger have to do with a Christian? 

A tiger at its full potential is an apex predator, it cannot be defeated, and has no known predators other than man.  A tiger represents strength, intelligence, and is self-sufficient.  It uses prowess, which is the tool for survival that God has given it.   All of these things allow a tiger, at its full potential, to survive in the wild.

If we as believers can reach our full potential in God, we will be like the tiger that is able to withstand any situation or challenge it faces, using the tools that God has given us.

We have adopted the tiger as a symbol of our faith and determination to reach our full potential in God.

Our Intention

To provide a haven that through its leader and members help to establish, nurture and sustain spiritual, mental, emotional, physical and economical growth to all who seek its guidance.
A haven that will provide every individual that enters, stays, or just passes through, the tools and guidance to reach their Full Potential.